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About Us


In March 2003 city and county leaders came together to discuss the future of their nearly 100 year old 8-bed jail.  They realized it would not meet the future needs of Rugby and Pierce County and proceeded with a feasibility study to determine the need for incarceration and treatment of area offenders.  The feasibility study   showed   that   Rugby,   Pierce  County, several  surrounding  counties,  The North  Dakota Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (DOCR), US Probation and the US Marshall’s Service had a need for a facility with 89 jail  beds and 40 treatment beds. Groundbreaking took place in July 2005.  The construction of the facility cost approximately $7.6 million.  Financing of the facility included loans from area banks and the US Department of Agriculture-Rural Development, various grants, and contributions from the City of Rugby and its Job Development Authority and from Pierce County.  The facility was completed in August 2006 and it accepted its first inmates on September 5th, 2006 as the NCCRC.  On June 22, 2009 the NCCRC was sold to the Rugby JDA and leased to Pierce County.  The new facility was named the Heart of America Correctional & Treatment Center.


The Pierce County Sheriff and 911/Dispatch, the Rugby Police Department, the Highway Patrol and the Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) are located at the facility.  This has fostered an excellent working relationship between law enforcement and the HACTC.


As a Class One facility the HACTC is licensed through the North Dakota Department of   Corrections and Rehabilitation to house all custody  levels  of inmates up to one year.  The  HACTC  Treatment  Center  houses   inmates that have a need for intensive alcohol and drug treatment and cognitive behavioral programming.


All inmates are classified upon admission and then assigned to a cell block or dorm area based upon their classification and custody level.  The facility’s locks and cameras are managed through an electronic security system.  Inmate jobs are available in the kitchen, laundry and janitorial areas.  The facility has an indoor recreation area as well as a fenced outdoor recreation area.


The Treatment Center Program incorporates a Best Practices curriculum of alcohol and drug programming for offenders.  The program includes intensive alcohol and drug and cognitive restructuring programming as well as other educational type classes.  The treatment program has three levels and lasts approximately 90 days depending upon the needs of the offender.  One of the key components to the program is the cognitive restructuring.  Research shows that unless a program changes the offender’s criminal way of thinking, alcohol and drug programming alone will not be successful with offenders.


The facility operates primarily on revenue generated from the housing of inmates.  The HACTC has contracts to house inmates for the US Marshal Service,  the Bureau of Indian Affairs, the North Dakota State Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, US Probation, the area counties of Pierce, Wells, McHenry, Sheridan and Bottineau and the cities of Rugby, Harvey and Fessenden.  The HACTC also transports inmates when requested to do so by an entity.  The rate per day ranges from $55 to $63 on the jail side and $85 for a treatment bed.


The facility has 33 staff which includes 16 correctional officers, four shift supervisors, chief of security, director of treatment services, two licensed addiction counselors, two human relations counselors, one administrative assistant, one part-time office assistant, accounting specialist, director of maintenance, director of nursing services (RN), licensed practical nurse and the administrator.  The correctional officers and shift supervisors work 12 hour shifts.  The nursing staff also works in shifts as needed to cover the medical needs of the inmates.  The administrative staff works 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday or as needed to address whatever issues that arise.